Between photography and detailed paper architecture lie the worlds of Miriam Butcher.

From her early beginnings with a plastic film camera in Nelson, New Zealand, Miriam has always sought out the story told by texture, detail and light.

Since moving to Melbourne in 2005, Miriam has further explored her twin passions of craft and digital imagery. She graduated from RMIT in 2013 with a Diploma of Photoimaging, and continues her ongoing bookbinding practice.

As an analytical and creative image-maker, Miriam sees herself as both a finder and creator: able to both document her discoveries and build the world as she sees it. Through contrasting and balancing these dual realms, Miriam uses light to create a dialogue between the two.

Miriam’s 2015 exhibition Outside In describes the public and private thresholds of houses in suburban Melbourne. From the photographic exterior to the intricate and textural paper miniature interior, the unknown lives and intrigues of the inhabitants are felt more by their absence than their presence.