outside in: exhibition


From walking the footpaths of Melbourne’s suburban streetscapes to discovering their miniature, glowing interiors comes Miriam Butcher’s Outside In.

A carelessly thrown bedsheet; a strip of peeling wallpaper on a damp wall; the neat edge of an immaculate front lawn. The details of the unknown lives and intrigues of the inhabitants are felt more by their absence than their presence.

Outside In evolved from Miriam’s journeys on foot around Melbourne. At certain times of day, house facades would interact with light and reveal a new dialogue between private and public space.

Creating the interior answer to her exterior question, hand-crafted miniature sets gave Miriam free rein over materials. Each restrained interior vignette illuminates a process, a half-forgotten thought, a distraction. Tiny clues leave room for doubt: is the scene real or not real?

As an analytical and creative image-maker, Miriam sees herself as both a finder and creator: able to both document her discoveries and build the world as she sees it. In pairing these dual realms, Miriam uses light to create a dialogue between the two.

Through contrasting and balancing real yet not-real worlds, Outside In creates a dynamic narrative of what happens on the periphery of people’s lives.